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Penny Paint 1.1

Penny Paint is a free painting plugin for several Dogwaffle products
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Penny Paint is a free plugin for several Dogwaffle products, including Project Dogwaffle, Project Dogwaffle Professional, PD Particles, and PD Artist. This utility is available as a separate add-on, or included in the PD Artist 1.2 update patch. This plugin enriches the characteristics of any of the above-mentioned programs by providing four painting tools and a color palette. This tool set includes a pen, a gel brush, an ink pen, and a water brush. It is possible to set the thickness of the lines made by each pen/ brush, plus the press/opacity/step/paper/modes values. We may also set the brush colors from the triangle palette, the chromacity, and the RGB values. Penny Paint cannot be used as a program on its own, although its appearance is quite similar to a standard painting program. It requires to be opened from the tool bar of each program that contains it. One important feature is that the drawings that we have made can be transferred from/into the main program for later editing/saving/printing. We may also zoom in/out our drawings, undo, or delete them. The context-sensitive user interface is quite easy to manage by everyone.

Review summary


  • Free add-on for PD Particles,Project Dogwaffle, Project Dogwaffle Professional, and PD Artist
  • Four brushes and a color palette
  • Easy to manage


  • It is cannot be used as a free separate program
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